French Ancestors Newsletter

(Includes surnames index to all 15 volumes)

French Ancestors was a newsletter focusing on the origins of the French immigrants who settled in western Ohio (primarily Darke and Shelby Counties) in the second quarter of the nineteenth century. They originated in the northeastern part of France, in the regions known as Lorraine, Alsace, and Franche Comte, as well as in the adjacent French-speaking areas of neighboring countries.

Each issue of the newsletter contained informational articles -- about history and culture, everyday life, and customs of these regions of France -- and genealogical records extracted from European civil and church records. In addition to the newsletter, the editor has published three books of extracted genealogical records -- for the French villages of Hennemont, Hannonville, and Frahier.  French Ancestors was published between 1988 and 2002 by Marianne Doyle, 2923 Tara Trail, Beavercreek, OH 45434-6252 (

The table below does not index every surname mentioned in French Ancestors or the books, it only lists the primary families covered by each issue/book. If you have questions about the records, you can contact Marianne Doyle or write to me at





Adam  Saint-Jean-les-Buzy Meuse I-6 (1988)
Alexandre  Hannonville-sous-les-Côtes Meuse Hannonville Book
Andre  Bourogne Belfort VI-4(1993); VI-5 (1993)
Aubry  Herbeuville Meuse VII-4 (1994); VII-5 (1994)
Ayet  Combres-sous-les-Côtes, Herbeuville Meuse III-2 (1990); III-3 (1990); VII-4 (1994)
Ballay  Evette, Errevet 




II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989); VI-1 (1993); VI-2 (1993) 

Frahier Book

Baltes Halanzy Belgium XIV-5 (2001)
Bardot  Errevet Haute-Saône  VI-1 (1993); VI-2 (1993) 
Barga (Barge, Berge, Berger) Bures, Juvrecourt, Arracourt, Rechicourt-la-Petite Meurthe-et-Moselle IV-1 (1991); IV-2 (1991)
Begin  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book
Begue  Etueffont Bas Belfort XII-5 (1999)
Belot  Evette Belfort II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989)
Bernard  Réchesy Belfort VIII-1 (1995)
Bertin  Faverois 

Saint Saveur



VII-6 (1994) 

XIV-4 (2001)

Besanceney  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône Frahier Book
Bessot  Montandon Doubs IV-6 (1991); V-1 (1992); XI-5 (1998)
Bey  Orchamps Jura X-4 (1997); X-5 (1997) 
Bony  Bourogne Belfort VI-4 (1993); VI-5 (1993)
Bourquin  Châtenois-les-Forges Belfort XI-3 (1998); XI-4 (1998)
Brique  Grandfontaine Switzerland III-6 (1990)
Bruey  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône Frahier Book
Bulcher/Burtcher  Evette, Errevet, Lepuix Belfort, Haute-Saône II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989); VI-1 (1993); VII-2 (1994)
Burleraux Fresnes-en-Wöevre Meuse XIII-1 (2000)
Cardot  Salbert Belfort VI-2 (1993)
Caritey  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône Frahier Book
Chappuis (Shappie, Shappy, Chappie) La Chapelle-sous-Chaux
VII-3 (1994); 
VIII-4 (1995); VIII-5 (1995)
Chevre (Chaivre , Shaffer) Mettemberg Switzerland XII-2 (1999)
Cordonnier  Grandfontiane Switzerland III-5 (1990); III-6 (1990)
Cottet  Bourogne Belfort VI-4 (1993); VI-5 (1993)
Couchot  Hannonville-sous-les-Côtes Meuse Hannonville Book
Dabe  Warq
VIII-6 (1995)
Debrosse  Vernois-le-Fol, Glère Doubs VII-2 (1994); X-3 (1997)
Delaet  Vellescot; Grosne Belfort II-1 (1989); V-6 (1992)
Deloye  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône Frahier Book
Demange  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône XII-3 (1999)
Depoire  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône Frahier Book
Didier  Etueffont Haut Belfort II-2 (1989); II-3 (1989); X-6 (1997); XI-1 (1998); XIII-2 (2000)
Didot  Sommedieue Meuse IX-4 (1996)
Ducotey  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône Frahier Book
Echemann (Eschmann) Courrendlin Switzerland IX-2 (1996)
Eustache  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book
Fligny  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book
Foy (Foue, Fouey, Fouez) Anjoutey, Etueffont Haut Belfort XIII-5 (2000); XIII-6 (2000)
Francois (Francis) Etueffont Haut, Etuefont Bas




II-2 (1989); II-3 (1989); X-6 (1997); XI-1 (1998); XII-5 (1999)
Hennemont Book
Frantz  Bourogne 




VI-4 (1993); VI-5 (1993) 

XIII-4 (2000)

Gaible  Etueffont Bas Belfort XII-5 (1999)
Gasson  Thillot Meuse IX-5 (1996); IX-6 (1996)
George  Boinville-en-Wöevre, Warq, Herméville-en-Wöevre Meuse V-3 (1992); V-4 (1992); XI-2 (1998)
Gigandet  Vézelois, Meroux Belfort IX-1 (1996)
Goffinet Habergy Belgium XIV-5 (2001)
Goubeaux  Pintheville, Riaville, Saulx-en-Wöevre Meuse I-1 (1988); I-2 (1988); VI-6 (1993); XIII-3 (2000)
Grillot  Pintheville, Pareid, Villers-sous-Pareid, Riaville, Marchéville, Maizeray, Châtillon-sous-les-Côtes, Hennemont Meuse I-1 (1988); I-2 (1988); I-3 (1988); VI-6 (1993); VII-1 (1994); IX-4 (1996); Hennemont Book
Grisez  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône Frahier Book
Grogean (Grosjean) Bermont, Dorans Belfort XII-6 (1999)
Hallotte  Boinville-en-Wöevre Meuse V-3 (1992)
Henry  Pintheville, Marchéville, Maizeray, Harville, Hennemont Meuse I-1 (1988); I-2 (1988); VII-1 (1994); IX-3 (1996); Hennemont Book
Herbelet  Riaville Meuse VI-6 (1993)
Houchard  Vaucourt, Xures Meurthe-et-Moselle X-5 (1997)
Huberty Habergy Belgium XIV-5 (2001)
Humbert  Hannonville-sous-les-Côtes Meuse Hannonville Book
Huot  Evette, La Chapelle-sous-Chaux Belfort II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989); III-1 (1990)
Husson (Hesson) Boinville-en-Wöevre, Warq Meuse V-3 (1992); V-4 (1992)
Jacquenot La Chapelle-sous-Chaux, Etueffont Haut, Anjoutey Belfort XIV-3 (2001)
Jardot  Evette, La Chapelle-sous-Chaux Belfort II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989); III-1 (1990)
Jeanvoine Saint Saveur Haute-Saône XIV-4 (2001)
Koller  Courtelevant Belfort XII-1 (1999)
Lachat  Develier Switzerland VIII-4 (1995)
Lallemand  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book
Larminach  Hannonville-sous-les-Côtes Meuse Hannonville Book
Laurent Châtenois-les-Forges Belfort XI-3 (1998); XI-4 (1998)
Le Fumeur  Warq Meuse V-4 (1992); VIII-6 (1995)
Lemoine  Brémenil Meurthe-et-Moselle III-4 (1990)
Liette  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône Frahier Book; XII-3 (1999)
Ligier  Montandon Doubs IV-6 (1991); V-1 (1992); XI-5 (1998)
Magoteaux  Hannonville-sous-les-Côtes, Combres-sous-les-Côtes Meuse Hannonville Book; III-2 (1990); III-3 (1990)
Maillot  Montandon Doubs IV-6 (1991); V-1 (1992); XI-5 (1998)
Mangin  Pintheville, Labeuville Meuse I-1 (1988); I-2 (1988); VIII-2 (1995); VIII-3 (1995)
Marchal  Petitmagny, Etueffont Haut, Etueffont Bas Belfort II-4 (1989); X-6 (1997); XI-1 (1998); XII-5 (1999)
Mathieu  Combres-sous-les-Côtes, Herbeuville Meuse III-2 (1990); III-3 (1990); VII-4 (1994); VII-5 (1994)
Meyer (Meyers, Myer, Myers) Goersdorf Bas-Rhin XI-6 (1998)
Millet  Botans, Bermont Belfort I-4 (1988); I-5 (1988)
Monnier  Petitmagny, Etueffont Haut, Anjoutey Belfort II-4 (1989); X-6 (1997);  XI-1 (1998); XIII-5 (2000); XIII-6 (2000); XIV-3 (2001)
Monnin  Develier, Glovelier, Courfaivre, Bassecourt Switzerland VIII-4 (1995); VIII-5 (1995); XIII-3 (2000); XIV-1 (2001)
Mougeville  Hannonville-sous-les-Côtes Meuse Hannonville Book
Mouilleseaux  Botans, Bermont Belfort I-4 (1989); I-5 (1989)
Neargarder (Nierengarten) Wimmenau, Sarreinsberg, Reipertswiller 


Bas Rhin 


XIV-2 (2001)
Paicheur  Bourogne Belfort VI-4 (1993); VI-5 (1993)
Papon  Angeot Belfort VI-3 (1993)
Parmentier  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book
Peltier  Evette, La Chapelle-sous-Chaux Belfort II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989); III-1 (1990)
Pepiot  Neuvier, Chaux-les-Châtillon
V-2 (1992); IX-4 (1996)
VII-2 (1994)
Pequignot  Evette. Errevet, Frahier-et-Chatebier Belfort, Haute-Saône II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989); VI-1 (1993); VI-2 (1993); Frahier Book
Perin  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book
Phlipot  Consenvoye Meuse X-1 (1997); X-2 (1997)
Pichon  Labeuville Meuse VIII-2 (1995); VIII-3 (1995)
Pierron  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book;VIII-5 (1995)  [Pierron Reunion] ; XIV-6 (2001)
Pilliod  Bourogne Belfort VI-4 (1993); VI-5 (1993)
Poly  Frahier-et-Chatebier Haute-Saône Frahier Book
Pour  Evette, La Chapelle-sous-Chaux Befort II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989); III-1 (1990)
Reboullet  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book
Roch Courtefontaine Doubs XIII-4 (2000)
Roussiaux  Evette, La Chapelle-sous-Chaux Belfort II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989); III-1 (1990)
Roy  Angeot Belfort VI-3 (1993)
Royon  Saint-Jean-les-Buzy Meuse I-6 (1988)
Sabourin (Subler) Froidefontaine, Grosne, Montreux Jeune Belfort, Haut-Rhin V-5 (1992); V-6 (1992); XII-4 (1999)
Saintignon  Hannonville-sous-les-Côtes Meuse Hannonville Book
Saunier  Harbouey Meurthe-et-Moselle III-4 (1990)
Saussotte  Petitmagny Belfort II-4 (1989)
Schmitt  Lacollonge, Angeot Belfort IV-4 (1991); IV-5 (1991); VI-3 (1993)
Simon  Evette
II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989)
Hennemont Book
Thiebeaux  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book
Viatte  Montandon, Courtefontaine, Fleury Doubs IV-6 (1991); V-1 (1992); XI-5 (1998); XIII-4 (2000)
Voisard  Montancy, Vaufrey, Montandon, Glere Doubs IV-3 (1991); IV-6 (1991); V-1 (1992); X-3 (1997)
Voisinet  Evette, La Chapelle-sous-Chaux, Anjoutey Belfort II-5 (1989); II-6 (1989); III-1 (1990); VII-3 (1994); XIII-5 (2000)
Walzer  Grandfontaine Switzerland III-5 (1990); III-6 (1990)
Warin  Maizeray, Labeuville Meuse VII-1 (1994); VIII-2 (1995); VIII-3 (1995)
Watrin  Hennemont Meuse Hennemont Book

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