Louis Grillot's Will

One interesting document is the will of French immigrant Louis Grillot, on file in the probate records of Darke County, Ohio. It is reproduced below in its original French and an English translation:
Cejourd'jui quinze Février mille huit cent cinquante quatre. Moi Louis Grillot declare que ci je vien à décédé avant Marie Grillot ma femme je lui donne tou ce qui mapartien, pour elle en jour et disposée à sa volontè san que personne ny puise trouvè à redire à charge par elle de me faire enhumè dans la religion catolique à ses frais, et de paie les dettes s'il sans trouve àprés ma mort, et de donner le marriage à Louis, Charles, et Henriet mes enfants, s'ils ne lon pas en de mon vivant, et cet ma dernière volontè. Fait holograve en présense de deux temoins les jours, mois et an que decridis (?) et nous avons signeè àprés tecture faite et on signè avec moi.
This day fifteen of February one thousand eight hundred and fifty four. I Louis Grillot make known that if I died before or previous to Mary Grillot, my wife, I will give to her all that belongs to me, for her to possess and dispose at her will without any person can have anything to say in charge by her to have me buried in the Catholic faith in her cost, and to pay my debts if any after my death, and to give the marriage outfit to Louis, Charles and Henriet my children, if they have not got it in my lifetime, and this is my last wish. Signed in the presence of two witnesses, the day, month and year above written and we have signed after contents made known and have signed with me.

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