Descendants of Benjamin WITHERS


11. Hannah Maria WITHERS

In her baptism record, her name appears as Anne Maria Withers. In the 1841 census of Andover (indexed as Wichern), she appears as Hannah. She is probably the Ann M. Withers in the 1851 census of Andover (p. 393), age 22, house servant, born Marlborough, in the household of Edgar Sexton, classical and mathematical teacher. In the marriage record, her name appears as Hannah Maria Withers. In 1861 she was lsited as Hannah Maria Winter, in 1871 as Hannah M. Winter, in 1881 as Hannah Winter, in 1891 as Anna M. Winter, and in 1901 as Anna Marie Winter. In her death record she is Hannah Maria Winter.


In 1881, he was an agricultural labourer. In 1891, their only child at home was Frederick, but their grandson Fred REad was also living with them.

60. Lucy Louisa WINTER

In the 1861 census her name appears as Lucy Eliza Winter. In 1881 she was a servant at Holdenhurst, Hampshire.

65. Frederick George WINTER

Is he the Frederick George Winter whose birth is recorded in 1872 in FreeBMD?

13. Maria WITHERS

In the 1881 census, her place of birth is given as Marlbro.

14. Lucy WITHERS

The 1861 census for Charlton, Hampshire, shows an age which agrees with the christening date, but shows her birth place as Charlton. Could she have been born at Charlton and then been taken back to Preshute for christening?

74. Henry Charles WITHERS

Living with his grandparents in the 1861 and 1871 censuses.

15. John Pyle WITHERS

In 1881, he was an agricultural labourer at Barton Stacey, Hampshire.

75. Frederick WITHERS

In 1881, he was an agricultural labourer.

76. Elizabeth Ann WITHERS

In 1891, she was a general domestic in the home of Herbert Stride, coachbuilder in Bridge Street.

82. Harriet WITHERS

Brother who was a shepherd

Buried with Husband Arthur Saffron Hill Cemetary. Came from near Andover.

Source son Leonard: Lived at Chilbolton (Wherwell) s/e A3057/B3048 Whitchurch Nr Laverstoke off A34/B3400
4 cotts nr stream with trout. Brother a sheperd another relative gamekeeper. Loved each other.

Source Albert (son): Had a sister married name Enton Lived in Eaton Rd Leicester. Thought very highly of by members of family. Born Bramsbury, Barton Stacey SU449 413. Very quiet,respecful lady towards husband, Arthur Albert.

Source son Albert John: Worked at Hunt's Welford Rd Leicester. Hosiery worker, Forelady

Arthur Albert BEYLESS

Buried saffron hill E376 consecrated ground with wife Harriet and Eva Nellie Challoner, birth name Everton.

Source son Leonard: Forthright man, incident, went to fetch Adelaid Foster back to Leicester because of her suffering abuse 1935 sorted out Mr Foster. Nickname "Titch" Played in the team The Globe Crickett Team, (Leicester Wanderers) scored a few centuries at cricket. Played on the Western Park Leicester. Had ricketts member of Buffs met 3 nights at Hind London Rd Religion member of "The Adult School" New Bond St Leic.
Anecdote, Towards end of evening at pub friends would ask for password into Buffs, he Whisper,"can I buy you a drink Titch". Loved Hartriet cannot recall a cross word. Always had a holiday at Cleethorpes. Scholarly chap won a scholarship to Oxford or Cambridge but could not go, insufficient income in family.

Source Albert John: Started work in shoe industry. As family man had newsagency Upper Conduit St/Brunswick St then 58 Marriott Rd/5 Adderley St Leicester/132 High St as Removal Man/horse and cart. Cricket eam "Leicester Wanderers" many as 6 members of family at one time. 25 years as waiter at Globe Leicester.

Source Sylvia Grant: When Harriet passed away Arthur came round (Prestwold Rd) grief stricken.

16. William WITHERS

William was a Labourer. Is he the William Withers, age 19, who appears in the 1861 censu of Foxcott, Hampshire as an Under Carter on the farm of Robert Dowling? In 1871, he was a Nursery Garden Labourer and lived at Charlton.

Charlotte HORN

At the time of the wedding, Charlotte was a minor and was employed as a servant.

Her place of birth is from the 1881 census.

William DRAPER

William was a Labourer

92. Kate WITHERS

The 1891 census lists her as a one month old infant son without a name.

18. Thomas WITHERS

In 1891, he was an agricultural labourer, living on Charlton Street in Charlton.

93. Albert James WITHERS

In the 1901 census of Charlton/Andover, he is listed as a Railway Porter.

19. Joseph George WITHERS

In 1881, he was living in Chertsey, Surrey, and was a Railway Porter.

20. Sarah Ann WITHERS

It is not known for sure that she belongs in the family of John and Jane. Her marriage record shows that her father was named John, however, and she did live at Charlton like many of the Withers family from Marlborough. In 1881, she appears on the same page of the census as William J. Withers, son of John and Jane.

The 1881 cenus gives her birth place as Andover, but it is likely that she was born in Marlborough.

She died during the 1880s, as her husband remarried prior to the 1891 census.

William Charles BRACKSTONE

In the 1881 census, his name was listed as Charles Brackstone and his occupation as agricultural labourer.

103. Henry John BRACKSTONE

He does not appear with the family in the 1871 census of Charlton, so he may have died young.

22. William J. WITHERS

The 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses of Andover give his birth place as Marlborough, but the 1861 census gives it as Andover. His ages in the census agree with the christening date.

In 1871 he was a servant - groom. In 1891, he was a railway labourer.

Frances Ellen SMITH

The 1881 and 1891 censuses give her birth place as Thruxton, but the 1861 census gives it as Monxton.

108. Priscilla Ada WITHERS

Moved to Canada with her children in 1907, after the death of her husband. Eventually they settled in the U.S.

John George ELLIS

Committed suicide.

109. Arthur WITHERS

Lived in Abbots Ann. In 1903 he was a rural postman.

24. John WITHERS

John was a Labourer. In 1891, he was a Railway Plate Layer, living at 16 South Street. Died at the Workhouse.

113. Ellen Elizabeth WITHERS

Born at Acre, Andover. In the 1891 census, she was a servant in the home of Henry Howland, Butcher, at 42, 44, 46 High Street, Andover.

25. Ellen WITHERS

In the birth/christening record, her name appears as Ellen Withers Dunn and the only parent listed is her mother Elizabeth Dunn.

In the 1891 census, she was a widow and employed as a charwoman.


In 1881 his occupation is listed as "carman."

116. Lilian Isabel HILLMAN

No father is listed on her christening record, so her christening record gives her surname as Withers.

30. Elizabeth WITHERS

In the 1871 census, she was a General Servant in the home of Benjamin Hawkins of Appleshaw, Hampshire.

James MANN

Name could be James Main. He was a Sawyer