Marilyn Munsell McNitt Photo Board

Photographs, 2002-2008

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Marilyn, Rebecca, and Bill, 2002. On the occasion of Ann Arbor Huron High School hockey senior night, Rebecca is recognized as the team's student athletic trainer.

Our family at the wedding of Bill's sister Patricia to Scott Barlow in Norfolk, Virginia, 2002.

A portion of Marilyn's Snow Village collection on top of the piano in the living room of our house, 2002

Marilyn visiting Stonehenge in England, 2003

Bill, Marilyn, and Jim Craven after a brunch outing with several other members of the Bentley Historical Library staff, 2003

Marilyn, Sarah, Rebecca, and Bill have a meal with Marilyn's mom Ruth Munsell at her home, 2003

Bill, Sarah, Marilyn, and Rebecca pose for a family portrait, 2004
Sarah and Marilyn with one of Marilyn's cakes at our house, 2005

Marilyn with our German exchange student Marie-Theres Niedermaier, 2007

Bill and Marilyn, 2008

The family out for a hike at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor on Thanksgiving morning, 2008.  Sarah took the picture and Rebecca is barely visible hiding behind Marilyn.