Marilyn Munsell McNitt Virtual Photo Board

Selected Photographs, 1951-1976

Chosen by Bill McNitt, January 2017

In the days between Marilyn's death and her funeral in 2013, family and friends helped select photographs of her and mount them on a photo board for display at the visitations and funeral.  For the most part, we were limited to using photographs from the period 1976 to 2013.  We did not have time to drive out to Marilyn's childhood home and examine her parents' photographs that show Marilyn's first 25 years.

During 2016, I began the process of cleaning out the Munsell family home and found photographs in many locations throughout the house.  Since then I have been organizing and identifying them.  For much of that process, I was lucky to have assistance from Marilyn's mother Ruth and her incomparable memory of events, dates, and names.  It is now possible to create this virtual photo board to display the pictures that we would have used in 2013 had we had access to them at the time.

Marilyn Munsell McNitt