Introduction to the Munsell/Brown Genealogy

Over 120 years ago, Benjamin W. Dwight published some genealogical information on this branch of the Munsell family in his book The History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong of Northampton, Mass. (Albany, NY: Joel Munsell's Sons, 1871). Frank Munsell incorporated the same information into his book A Genealogy of the Munsell (Munsill, Monsell, Maunsell) Family in America (Albany, NY: Joel Munsell's Sons, 1884. Apparently Mr. Dwight obtained the information on this branch of the Munsells through correspondence with Temperance Mary Strong Munsell or one of her siblings or children.

 This new study includes much of the information from the published genealogies and supplements it with additional information on Alvin Munsell and his descendants obtained through research in local records and correspondence with relatives. This genealogy also records the history of the Brown, Leeper, Aubry (Obry), and Grillot families of Darke and Paulding Counties, Ohio from which Emma Rosella Brown Munsell descended. To the best of our knowledge, little of the information on these families has appeared previously in any published sources.

 This study originated with a series of status reports on our research which we distributed at family reunions in 1978, 1979, and 1980. It includes all information from the status reports, plus information which we have acquired in the intervening years.

 As much as possible, we have based this study on primary sources: official birth, death and marriage records; records of land transactions; probate court records; gravestones; and federal census records. We also used published biographical sketches in county histories, newspaper obituaries, histories of Civil War regiments, and correspondence with family members to supplement the primary sources.

 Anyone wishing to supply corrections or additional information on any of the families included in this study may contact us at: