Background on the Weinmann and Boettcher Families

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Ruth's father Andreas Paul Weinmann was one of the five children of Andreas Weinmann and his wife Ida Vogel. The elder Andreas was born in Neuhaimhausen, Bohemia in the Austro-Hungarian empire and the Vogels were from the southern German town of Plauen.  

Several of the children of Andreas and Ida were born at Plauen before the elder Andreas received a diplomatic appointment to Brazil.  The family lived for a number of years in Brazil, returning to Europe upon the outbreak of World War I when Andreas was appointed an officer in the Austrian army.  His son Andreas Paul, having been born in Germany, served in the German army.  

When the Weinmanns returned to Europe from Brazil, they settled at Bitterfeld, in eastern Germany about 77 miles southwest of  Berlin.  They later moved to the neighboring town of Wolfen.  Bitterfeld and Wolfen are so close together that they have been combined since 2007 as a single town called Bitterfeld-Wolfen.

Andreas Weinmann and Andreas Paul Weinmann in their army uniforms in 1917

Andreas Weinmann and Andreas Paul Weinmann in their army uniforms in 1917

The Andreas Weinmann family in 1923

The Andreas Weinmann family in 1923 in Bitterfeld.
Standing: Max, Johanna, Anna, and Andreas Paul Weinmann
Seated: Ida and Andreas Weinmann

Ruth's mother Bertha was one of the five children of Friedrich Boettcher and his wife Marie Luise Schrotsberger of Eisleben, Germany.  Eisleben is in the eastern part of Germany, a little over 100 miles southwest of Berlin.  In a direct line, the Boettcher home in Eisleben and the Weinmann home in Wolfen are less than 40 miles apart, with the larger city of Halle halfway between the two.  Here are some maps:

Map showing Eisleben and Wolfen

Eisleben is at the lower left and Wolfen is at the upper right

Map showing where Halle is in relation to Berlin

This shows where Berlin is located in relation to  Halle and surrounding towns

Map showing the location of Halle in Europe

This map shows the location of Halle and surrounding towns in a larger view of Europe.



Ruth Weinmann Munsell oral history interview
concerning her life in Germany, 1930-1947