Ruth Weinmann as a Baby in Detroit, 1929-1930

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Andreas and Bertha lived in apartments on the east side of Detroit after their April 16, 1927 marriage:  

 They do not appear at any of these addresses at the time of the 1930 census and I have been unable to find them in any existing indexes to that census.

Their daughter Ruth was born on April 15, 1929, at Evangelical Deaconess Hospital at 3245 East Jefferson Avenue.

BNirth certificate  Bertha Boettcher Weinmann holding her daughter Ruth 
Birth certificate; the new motherholding her young daughter Ruth, 1929

Ruth Weinmann in baby seat  Ruth Weinmann being held by her mother Bertha Boettcher Weinmann
Ruth in her baby seat, 1929; Ruth being held by her mother, 1929

Ruth Weinmann held by Bertha Boettcher Weinmann  Ruth Weinmann  Ruth Weinmann
Ruth, 1929

Bertha, Ruth, and Andreas Weinmann  Ruth and Andreas Weinmann  Ruth and Andreas Weinmann
Ruth with her parents, 1930

Ruth Weinmann with unknown woman  Ruth Weinmann with unknown woman
Ruth with two friends of the family (names unkonwn), 1930

Bertha Boettcher Weinmann  Ruth Weinmann
Bertha and Ruth (passport photographs), 1930


Ruth Weinmann Munsell oral history interview
concerning her life in Germany, 1930-1947