Ruth Weinmann's Early Years in the United States and Germany, 1929-1950

Ruth Marie Louise Weinmann was the daughter of two recent immigrants from Germany and was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 15, 1929.  For more about the origins and immigration of her parents, Andreas Paul Weinmann and Bertha Louise Boettcher, see Our Vogel and Weinmann Immigrants from Plauen, Germany to the United States.

The pages linked to below tell some of the story of Ruth's early life in the United States and Germany through family photographs that once belonged to Andreas Weinmann.  Ruth brought only a single suitcase containing a few outfits when she left Germany in 1947, so the photographs that her mother or other relatives had sent to her father over the years and the ones he retained from their early life together provide the illustrations for these pages.

Bertha Boettcher Weinmann and Ruth Weinmann

Ruth Weinmann in Eisleben, Germany, with her grandfather Friedrich Boettcher

Ruth Weinmann with cousins Rosemary Gunderrman and Johanna May pose with their schultutes

The Weinmanns: Andreas, Bertha, Ruth, and Anna



Ruth Weinmann Munsell oral history interview
concerning her life in Germany, 1930-1947