The Warner Family of Pittsford, Vermont

By William H. McNitt

The three families that migrated together from western New York to Kent County, Michigan in 1844 were those of Harvey and Hannah Wilder, Joseph and Mary Bullen, and Edward and Abigail Wheeler.  The three women were sisters, the daughters of Eleazar Warner (1755-1835) and his wife Hannah Cox (1867-1837) of Pittsford, Rutland County, Vermont.  Pittsford is located in west central Vermont, not too far from New York state.  All nine of the children of this couple were born at Pittsford:

Map of Pittsford, Vermont and surrounding areas
Pittsford, Vermont and surrounding communities

Eleazer Warner had been born in and grew up in the town now known as Granby in central Massachusetts.  He served an eight month enlistment on the Massachusetts Continental Line in the early years of the Revolutionary War, marching with his regiment to Morristown, New Jersey, where they served under the command of General George Washington.  One of the Lieutenants in this regiment was his father, also named Eleazer Warner.  The older Eleazer was promoted to Captain before the end of the war.  The younger Eleazer moved to Pittsford, Vermont, with his brothers Elisha and Seth soon after the war ended and the three all married daughters of William and Beulah (Batt) Cox of Pittsford.

Mary, Abigail, and Hannah Warner, daughters of the younger Eleazer, grew up in Pittsford hearing stories of the Revolutionary War and of their Warner ancestors who had originally arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637.  The two older girls both married men who had served in the War of 1812 - Mary married Joseph Bullen on January 27, 1819 and Abigail married Edward Wheeler in October 1819.  Eight years later Hannah, the youngest of the Warner children, married Harvey Wilder.  The Wheelers and Wilders lived in Pittsford or surrounding communities in Vermont until the 1840s, but the Bullens settled in Somerset, Niagara County, New York, soon after their marriage.  

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